If your facility is affected by severe corrosion issues that lead to frequent equipment replacements and significant maintenance expenses, or if your utility provider has exhausted all options apart from equipment replacement, we have the solution.  

Whether your facility is situated in a coastal area or a caustic environment, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our expertise extended into the industrial sector, we specialize in combating corrosion challenges effectively. Schedule a site visit today and let us develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate corrosion, making it a thing of the past.  

Contact us now to determine the optimal coating solution for your facility's unique corrosion issues. 


Application Case Study

A fiberglass plant in North Mississippi reached out to us regarding severe corrosion issues affecting their electrical equipment, crucial for powering their operations. Despite being relatively new, the equipment faced corrosion-related replacements, not due to malfunction but degradation. Upon conducting a site visit, we encountered one of the most severe cases of corrosion seen outside coastal areas, particularly affecting all 4 of the switchgear. Despite being just 6 years old, the environmental conditions demanded a robust solution, leading us to recommend our 10X Advanced Coating, renowned for its superior chemical resistance and a corrosion resistance lifespan of 40-60 years. We're confident that we've made their corrosion issues and replacing equipment - a thing of the past!

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