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Recognizing the commonality of corrosion challenges across industries, we have expanded our services to support manufacturing facilities. Corrosion poses a significant threat to the integrity of electrical installations in various components, from junction boxes to control boxes, connectors, fuses, batteries, and more. Corrosion ultimately leads to service interruptions and production disruptions and in manufacturing, where uptime is pivotal to business operations, these interruptions are particularly costly.  

Educating your employees on identifying corrosion hotspots within your facility is your first line of defense. Leveraging our expertise, we offer manufacturers a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance schedule to proactively address corrosion concerns and mitigate corrosion issues. 

It's time to change the misconception that nothing can be done about corrosion. TransArmour can help! 

Contact us today to schedule a site visit, where we can collaborate to develop a tailored solution to address your corrosion challenges definitively. 


Use Case

We are in collaboration with a paper mill facility facing severe corrosion challenges due to airborne particles settling on their equipment, compounded by nightly dew and frost accumulation. The fluctuating temperatures exacerbate the situation further. Consequently, their owned substation, located adjacent to the mill, has suffered from equipment deterioration. Through extensive testing initiatives, we aim to devise effective strategies to preserve the condition of their equipment and mitigate corrosion-related concerns.

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