Sporting Goods

Once we ventured into Agriculture, it didn't take long for sporting goods to follow suit. Our coatings have found their way onto wildlife feeders, deer blinds, deer stands, and feed spreaders, among other outdoor essentials. If you're eager to learn more about becoming a distributor, don't hesitate to reach out!


One of our coatings, Armour-T was initially born out of our love for the outdoors. Fun fact: Initially created at the request of the US Navy Intelligence, it was once called Green-T. Based on our firsthand experiences, it's tough as nails. With no color pigment, it offers unparalleled wear protection, continuously hardening over time. In fact, an independent testing committee ended their salt spray test after 7464 hours, seeing no corrosion whatsoever. Plus, it boasts an impressive 50,000 hours of corrosion-free use in the US Navy. 


Today, Armour-T is making its mark coating line hardware bolts, bringing our expertise full circle back to the industry we started in. 

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