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Switch Refurbishment Overview

Electrical engineer inspecting switch cabinets in high voltage substations

Eligible Switches

Our refurbishment program is tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Power Grid Supply refurbishes all types of switches from 13kV hook stick to 500kV gang operated.

We support all of the major brands including:

Southern States, Joslyn, PASCOR, USCO, Johnson, S&C, ITE, HK Porter, Delta Star, Schwager Wood, Allis Chalmers


We do entire switches including:

  • All live parts
  • Bearings
  • Operators
  • Interphase linkage

We also supply parts for:

  • Hinge and jaw contacts
  • Operating mechanism components
Maintenance in a high voltage electrical substation

Switch Replacement Parts

  • Every switch we refurbish is dismantled completely
  • Each of the components is examined for integrity and replaced if needed
  • When a part is replaced, a Solidworks drawing is generated and filed for future reference
  • An opportunity for NextEra is to identify parts that can be replaced in the field at some point in the future and have these parts available in inventory
  • Drawing examples follow

Refurbishment Process

Step 1

All switches are assessed and documented before work starts, obvious problems are noted, and photos are taken and archived

Step 2

Replaceable parts such as jaw and hinge contacts are documented on Solidworks so the part can be duplicated later if needed

Step 3

List of material needs is generated

Step 4

Estimate is generated and provided to the customer for approval

  • Once work has been approved the switch is completely dismantled to its component parts
  • Components that need to be repaired or replaced are identified
  • Every part is examined down to individual screws, springs, seals, bearings etc.
  • Any part that appears to have been compromised is replaced. Some parts are replaced on every job regardless of appearance
  • Springs

Step 5

Hardware on aluminum switches

  • We replace OEM parts with like parts.
  • Where we can improve the operation or ongoing maintenance of a switch we will make modifications

Step 6

Adding zirc fittings to bearing housings so sealed bearings can be lubed on a regular basis

  • We use improved seal and bearing materials where possible

Step 7

We will modify accessibility to a critical part of a switch in order to make it easier to service in the future (Example: Delta Star hinge)

  • Once the switch is dismantled every part is cleaned or replaced
  • All damaged parts are repaired or replaced with new parts

Step 8

All operating points of the switch are greased

  • All hardware is treated with anti seize grease
  • All contacts are treated with conductive grease

Step 9

Switch is bench tested for opening and closing and adjusted to the extent the switch can be adjusted

  • Contact pressure is checked to ensure proper contact at the jaw and hinge
  • Switch is ductor tested both before and after refurb and results are reported as part of the documentation

Step 10

Final switch is photographed and logged into the database

Step 11

Switch is packaged to ship